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Team Alternate Roster Changes

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Few weeks before the LCS Promotion matches  Team Alternate decided to bench their AD Carry player,  Tom 'Metalx' Latour. The decision who is going to replace him has been done. Today  Team Alternate announced a ser...

Millenium Disbands

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Recently  Jakub ‘Creaton' Grzegorzewski announced the end of  Millenium. Without any mobilization and purpose to stay as one team,  Millenium disbanded. After  Creatonjoined  Team Alternate,  Karim ‘ImSoFresh’ Bbahla ...

Legendary or Lame Week #22

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Greetings Summoners! In this week's Legendary or Lame we have news on the All-Star week, the new Russian server, intercontinental transfers, Taipei Assassins skins, the new champion rotation as well as a champion and ...

Team Managers – Reliable or Not?

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At first sight you would believe that all team managers are professional, reliable, and that their first and foremost goal is to keep their team in check and motivated – but unfortunately not all team managers act lik...

LCS Preview Week #6

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The North American LCS is returning to its studios in LA with a regular schedule after last week's MLG in Dallas. For European teams however, this weeks LCS is somewhat special. The European LCS will take place in the...

What is Happening with Team SoloMid Snapdragon?

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TSM seems to be having problems: here we look at Xpecial's most recent vlog and Chaox's subsequent break from competitive League of Legends! Xpecial's Vlog  Alex 'Xpecial' Chu's vlog from March 18th confirmed ...

A Series of Unfortunate Events

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 Team MRN came out of the super week with good results and a good feeling, however this didn't last for long as the good play continued only for a couple of days. Team MRN was heading downhill with 2 weeks of scrimmin...

2013 Asian Indoor-Martial Arts Games Featuring League of Legends

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For the very first time, League of Legends and some other popular video games will be making an appearance at a sports event. Though it isn't the Olympic games, it the first major step towards mainstream recognition. ...

Hexo Innocent?

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The Team Manager of Good Gaming University, (GGU),  Sam 'Hexo' Bouchard has been given a warning for DoS attacks against several players on the North American servers, but with an official Facebook statement,  Joshua ...

EUW Challenger Series Kicking Off Today!

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The European League of Legends scene has been lacking serious competition outside of the LCS. Apart from Go4LoLs there aren't many tournaments that challenger teams could compete in. It looks like this problem is goin...

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